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Bad Habits Moral Story

Bad Habits Moral Story

A wealthy businessman was worried about his son’s bad habits. He sought counsel from a wise, old man. The old man met the man’s son and took him out for a stroll. They walked into the woods, and the old man showed the boy a small sapling and asked him to pull it out. The boy did so with ease, and they walked on. The old man then asked the boy to pull out a small plant. The boy did that too, with a…

The Man and The Cat Moral Story

The Man And The Cat

One day, a man was walking by a road when he heard a cat meowing from the bushes nearby. The cat was stuck and needed help getting out. When the man reached out, the cat got scared and scratched the man. The man screamed in pain but didn’t back down. He tried again and again, even as the cat continued to scratch his hands. Another passerby saw this and said, “Just let it be! The cat will find a way to come out later”.…

The Four Students Short Moral Story

The Four Students

There were four friends who hated studying. They partied all night before their exams and planned to skip the test by lying to the professor. So they went to the dean and told him that they had been to a wedding the previous night and on their way back, they had a flat tire. They continued to say that they had to push the car all the way back, as they didn’t have a spare tire and hence, were not in a position to…

The miser and his gold

The Miser And His Gold Moral Story

An old miser lived in a house with a garden. The miser hid his gold coins in a pit under some stones in the garden. Every day, before going to bed, the miser went to the stones where he hid the gold and counted the coins. He continued this routine every day, but not once did he spend the gold he saved. One day, a thief who knew the old miser’s routine, waited for the old man to go back into his house. After…

The Ugly Duckling Short Moral Story For Kids

The Ugly Duckling Short Moral Story For Kids With Video

 One Upon a time . It is a beautiful summer day. The sun shines warmly on an old house near a river. Behind the house a mother duck is sitting on ten eggs. “Tchick.” One by one all the eggs break open. All except one. This one is the biggest egg of all. Mother duck sits and sits on the big egg. At last it breaks open, “Tchick, tchick!” Out jumps the last baby duck. It looks big and strong. It is grey…

A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Two friends and bear Once upon a lime there lived two friends in a certain village. They professed great love for each other and had sworn to help each other, in the hour of need. One day they set out on a journey to a far off village, on the other side of a forest. The other friend had no lime to climb up a tree. The noise his friend had made while jumping on the tree brought the bear running to that place.…