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Story Of Jack and Luis

 let me tell you a story of a boy Jack who did what nobody thought he could do once there were two boys Jack and Luis who lived in a village near Oldenburg Jack was six years old while Luis was ten they were very close friends and spent most of their time together one day as an adventure they went a little too far away from the village and while they were running

ground in exploring Luis fell into a well he started screaming because he didn’t know how to swim and thought he would drown and God Jack panicked and looked around for help but there was no one to help them then suddenly he saw a bucket tied to a rope line nearby without wasting any time Jack threw the bucket into the well and asked Luis to hold it was held the bucket Jack started they were happy and cheering each other

 and ran quickly towards their home when they told their families and the villagers about the event nobody believed them because Jack was too young and weak to even lift a bucket full of water hence nobody believed that he could have pulled out Louis from the well but only Uncle Peter believed them

 uncle Peter was an old and experienced man whom the villagers took seriously so they asked him how could this be possible Uncle Peter laughed and said what is there to explain the boy is already telling you how he did it he threw the bucket inside and pulled the rope to save his friend what is strange here is how did he manage to gather so much strength this was because at that time there was nobody to tell him that he couldn’t do it even he himself was not in a position to think so he added the only one who can empower you is yourself in fact you can do it if you think you can do it the villagers realize then how important it is to believe in yourself

Moral of The Story

Believe in yourself

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1 month ago

Story is amazing

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